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Tea Kettle

An all-inclusive kettle for heating water to the perfect temperature. Durable stainless steel kettle.
30 oz only $59.00
tea kettle

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Mighty Leaf Tea

Why Organic Tea?

And if you want to benefit from the healthiest teas, consider buying organic tea. Tea bushes have to be grown in a pesticide-free environment to be considered organic. Many conventional tea plantations are converting to organic after seeing the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The conventional way of growing tea is also non-sustainable. It leads to soil erosion and the pesticides are a health hazard.

If you want to make sure the tea you buy isn't picked by disadvantaged workers, go the next step and buy "Fair Trade".

Oolong Sampler
Petite Glass Teapot

17oz and perfect for a solitary cuppa

Buy Organic Loose Teas

organic honeybush tea

Organic Honeybush Tea

Popularly referred to as "Bush Tea" on the 1st Ladies Detective Club on HBO, the taste of our organic honeybush tea is similar to that of Rooibos, though arguably a little sweeter. Honeybush is caffeine-free and tannins, rendering it an ideal evening beverage. So sit in the shade and have a cup!

3 oz. only $8.00 Buy tea

organic white tea

Buy Organic White Peony Tea

Certified organic White tea from the Fujian province of China. White Peony, known locally as Pai Mu Tan, is a delicate tea made from tea buds collected and withered prior to opening. The latest medical findings suggest that white tea may be a more effective cancer fighter than even green tea.

1 oz. only $6.00
6 oz. only $19.00
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organic bush tea

Organic Rooibos Tea Sampler

This Rooibos sampler is a wonderful introduction to the wide range of rooibos teas from South Africa. Each sample makes about 8-10 cups of tea. This is the best way to figure out which ones you like best! Perfect for the first time red tea drinker.

4 sample pouches only $7.00 Buy tea

Organic Tea Bags

Organic Breakfast - 15 pouches

Buy Organic Breakfast - 15 pouches

a robust, wide-awake blend of premium black tea leaves. our take on the classic english breakfast is serene contemplation from dawn to dusk. Fifteen individually cello-wrapped tea pouches. Taste: robust body, sweet maltiness and smooth finish.

15 pouches only $9.95 Buy tea

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  Tea Ware for Brewing Tea

Special Organic Tea

Organic Spring Darjeeling Tea - Organic black tea from the Darjeeling region of India. Spring-time Darjeeling tea is a highly aromatic first-flush (spring) clonal tea from the of the organically-certified Sungma estate.

Mountain Rose Herbs - Organic teas, herbs and essential oils.

Choice Organic Teas - From cultivation, handling and packaging, our teas are inspected to insure organic integrity. The first teacrafter in the United States to be Fair Trade certified.

Zhi Tea - It’s the Journey…Premium Organic and Fair Trade Gourmet Teas

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