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Add some flair and style to teatime with an elegant glass teapot.

Each of these featured teapots have infusers that gives your tea plenty of room to unfurl and fully infuse; yet keep leaves out of your cup. Made of tempered glass, teapots is dishwasher safe. And after you're done brewing your tea, the infusers slip out for each disposal of your tea leaves. Place more flavor in each cup by brewing your own loose tea.

Oolong Sampler

Petite Glass Teapot

When making tea for one, you may opt for something quick-and-easy. Or you may spoil yourself silly with this gorgeous Petit teapot. Enjoy a tranquil cup of tea whenever the mood strikes. And do it in grand style with our new Petit teapot.

Made in Germany. 15 oz.

Only $24.00 Buy teapots

buy Glass teapot

Glass Teapot

Add some flair and style to teatime with our elegant glass teapot. A large metal infuser chamber gives your tea plenty of room to unfurl and fully infuse, placing more flavor in each cup. Made of tempered glass, our teapot is dishwasher safe and brews 5 cups. Not made for stove-top use.

Made in China. 42oz

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The most convenient teapot you will find anywhere - we guarantee it. When tea is ready, simply place it atop your cup. This will cause a valve at the bottom to release: crystal-clear tea flows down, while the mesh filter retains all the leaves with one of the best infusers on the market. Get fro travel, too.

Dishwasher safe. And microwaveable.

Made in Taiwan of food-grade plastic

Only $19.00 Buy teapots

Ceramic Teapot

Enjoy loose tea anytime with this elegantly simple ceramic teapot. A large infuser basket provides ample room for the leaves to unfurl, affording a fully infused, flavorful cup. Dishwasher safe.

Only $9.00 Buy teapots

Selected Teapots

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