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Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is grown primarily in China and Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa) and can be characterized as a cross between black and green tea as it is only partially fermented. The spectrum of flavors and colors ranges from the delicate Pouchong to the rich Ti Kuan Yin and on to Oolongs that are almost black in color.

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Oolong Formosa #8 tea

Intense pungency and exquisite bouquet of Formosa Oolong tea is amongst the finest in the world. 'Oolong Symphony no. 8,' is comprised of large 'choicest' grade copper-red leaves with beautiful tips of silver is a wonderful introduction to this variety.

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Oolong tea

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Oolong Jade #18 tea

This is a Jade Oolong tea, almost green in appearance with large, hand-rolled leaves and therefore unlike other Oolong teas. Once infused, these unfurl to release this tea's delicate notes, exquisite flavor and enchanting fragrance.

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Opus Pouchong tea

The least processed of these are termed pouchong. 'Opus Pouchong' is a lightly oxidized tea with large, wavy, dark-green leaves. It is arguably the most delicate tea produced in Taiwan, a country known for its share of delicate teas. It yields a light cup with delicate fragrance and a gentle, precociously sweet taste. This light, slightly sweet tea is not for someone who enjoys a strong Oolong.

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Oolong tea

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Ti Kuan Yin tea

Oolong tea from the Fujian province of China. In Mandarin, Ti Kuan Yin means 'iron goddess of mercy,' a name derived from local legend. This tea is arguably the finest of Chinese oolongs. Upon sampling dozens of samples, we have selected this tea as the finest we have seen this year. It has a complex taste. One of my favorite teas. The floral hints but not overwelming. I keep coming back to the ti kuan yin.

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Wuyi Ensemble tea

Oolong tea from the Wuyi mountains in the Fujian province of China. Wuyi Oolong grows in the gaps of the mountainous rock. Similar to other fine oolong teas, our 'Wuyi Ensemble' may be infused a number of times, with each infusion revealing a new nuance of this tea's complex flavor. It continues to be in much demand outside China, with many fans among the British royal family.

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